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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Level?
Level is an asset-backed lender catering to companies that offer financing solutions to their customers. Our web application allows companies to connect their financial performance data in order to get access to simple, fast, and scalable debt capital.
How does Level work?
Level integrates with your existing systems to determine your eligibility and credit limit based on the value of your active portfolio, historical loan performance, financial health, and growth metrics. We advance against your future cashflows and tie repayments to your underlying receivables. You can draw as little or as much as you need, as often as you need it. Our goal is to deploy capital as efficiently as possible, so you don’t pay for capital that isn’t at work.
How much does Level cost?
Level is free to sign up. The annual interest rate is determined by the risk profile of your loans and the financial health of your business, with rates improving over time as you build performance history. We’ll confirm the interest rate when you submit a request. You are only charged interest on the capital you borrow. No prepayment penalties or hidden fees.
Can I access leverage from the start?
Yes. If you have a healthy lending program and financials to support it, we can provide leverage from the get-go.
Does Level do my underwriting?
No, Level does not underwrite the loans provided to the customers from the loan originators. Instead, Level analyzes the overall health and performance of the business and loan portfolio to assess pricing and availability. With Level, you get paid the value of your loans upfront.
Does using Level impact the customer?
No. There is no change to the customer experience. Payments are collected directly via auto-debit from your company’s bank account.
My company operates outside the U.S., do I still qualify?
Yes, however, all customers must have a U.S.-based parent company and U.S. bank account in order to qualify and receive funding. We currently disburse in USD only.