Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Level?
Level is a trading platform that allows Fintech startups to convert their loan receivables into upfront capital. Level helps Fintechs get off the ground and accelerate growth as they scale.
How does Level work?
Level integrates with your existing systems to determine your eligibility and trade limit based on historical loan performance, financial health, and growth metrics. Contracts ready for trading are populated in the Level dashboard where you'll receive offers for their sale. With Level, you get paid the value of your loans upfront.
How much does Level cost?
Level is free to sign up. We purchase the value of your loans at a discount. The purchase price is determined by the health and size of your business, with bids improving over time as you build your trade and performance history with us.
Does Level do my underwriting?
No, Level does not underwrite the loans provided to the customers from the loan originators. Instead, Level analyzes the overall health and performance of the business and loan portfolio to assess pricing and availability.
What happens if a customer fails to pay on a loan that has been traded?
No worries, you can swap in another contract to cover the loss. Alternatively, you can simply repay the remaining value of the loan.
Does using Level impact the customer?
No. There is no change to the customer experience. We integrate with your payment systems to seamlessly collect the monthly payments.