For Fintech Companies

Stop diluting yourself

Turn your loan receIvables into upfront Cash
Level UI
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Unlock your Cash

Whether you offer "buy now, pay later", credit products, personal loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, or student loans, you can trade your assets on Level so you can get back to lending.
  • One Click Payout
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Integrates Intelligently

Level connects to your existing accounting and lending software, allowing you to seamlessly upload, monitor, and trade your loans.

  • Get Notified on
    Trading Opportunities
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No Dilution

Level enables you to avoid the disruptive, time-consuming, and expensive process of raising money
  • Capital Grows
    with your Company
  • No Warrants or Dilution
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Mazuma Go
"The option for growth capital is better than taking heavy dilution for early stage of tech where it requires a lot of capital to just get started."
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"Having access to capital through Level removed our biggest growth constraint. It’s a game changer for Fintechs."
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"With Level removing the constraint of funding from our growth, we can really focus on the specifics of our business and get out the door faster."
Brad Profile Picture
"Raising enough money to fuel growth is a huge pain for our lending startups."
Rogelio Profile Picture
"Raising debt for lending is massively distracting, time-consuming and expensive. And all that to have high costs of funding and most of the times inflexibility while you look for product-market fit. But since we’re in the business of distributing capital, it is a necessary evil lending companies have to tolerate."

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